About us

M. Dieckmann Ltd. was established in 1974 to manufacture drilling tools for the oilfield-, mining- and civil engineering industries. Diamond drilling bits, coring bits setted with natural and synthetic diamonds, and associated equipment. A wholly german owned company, all its products are manufactured in the federal republic of germany.

The company employs highly experienced manufacturing and design personnel, is innovative and offers the personal service that larger producers find difficult to maintain. The factory is situated at Adelheidsdorf / Celle, the centre of the german oil drilling industry, has 2500 m² production area. The machining capacity including CNC lathes and CNC milling machines, electric furnaces for temperatures up to 1400°C, and a medium frequency induction system. The design department using the latest CAD system, is able to react quickly to the unusual requirements of the drilling industry. In 1998 we implemented a quality assurance program which is described in a quality assurance manual.