Tools and equipment for civil engineering


  • Thin kerf bits for low power drills, especially for hand held machines. Ringsintered, 9 mm impregnated. 2.5 mm kerf. Best for fastening.
  • Usage: drilling of concrete, bricks, marble, granite and refractory materials.
  • Standard sizes from Ø 10 – 100 mm
  • Standard usable lenght up to Ø 12 mm = 200 mm, from Ø 14 mm = 300 mm
  • Thread G 1/2″
  • Other Ø on request. Nonstandard usable lengths or threads on request.
  • In case of order please note the material to drill.


  • Thick kerf, ringsintered bits, 9 mm impregnated. To be used with drills from 2.0 kW.
  • Usage: reinforced concrete, bricks, asphalt, etc. In case of order please note the material to drill.
  • Kerfs: Ø 18 – 48 mm = 3.5 mm, Ø 50 – 112 mm = 4.0 mm, Ø 122 – 212 mm = 4.5 mm, Ø 220 – 250 mm = 5.0 mm
  • Standard sizes from Ø 18 – 250 mm
  • Standard usable length up to Ø 212 mm = 400 mm, from Ø 220 mm = 450 mm, thread 1-1/4″ UNC
  • Other Ø on request. Nonstandard usable lengths or threads on request.


  • Diamond rings for self resetting of our types 2000 and 8000.
  • Other than single segments rings are more stable and more quit running while drilling.
  • All diamond rings are available in seven different matrix hardnesses.
  • All matrixes are free of cobalt.


  • Thick kerf, ringsintered drilling bit especially for drilling asphalt.
  • Available in following dimensions: Ø 58 x 50 mm, Ø 107 x 99 mm, Ø 112 x 103 mm and Ø 162 x 153 mm.
  • Standard usable length 400 mm. Other Ø and nonstandard usable lenghts on request.
  • With thread connection 1-1/4″ UNC or as requested or with open tube to be used with clamp device.



  • The clamp device is used for drilling bits with open tube as connection of the bit to the drilling machine.
  • Thread connection 1-1/4″ UNC.
  • The sizes of the clamp devices correspond to the diameters of the bits.


  • Beside a.m. drilling bits we also produce special tools on request, like milling tools, grinding tools, special drilling bits for the refractory industry, etc.


  • For regular hand drills up to 1.0 kW.
  • Available with a 12 mm cylindrical pin to be used with the drill chuck or with a 1/2″-20 UNF box thread to be used with the drill shaft.
  • Drilling bit connection thread G 1/2″ box.



  • Those are necessary when drilling deeper than the length of the bit. Following dimensions are available:
  • G 1/2″: 100, 200 and 300 mm long (from bit-Ø 32 mm)
  • 1-1/4″ UNC: 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm long (from bit-Ø 50 mm)



  • If the thread of the bit does not match the thread of the drill a thread adaptor is necessary.


  • Those are useful tools to get the core out of the hole.
  • The sizes of the core catchers correspond to the diameters of the bits.


  • Those are usefull tools to break and unscrew drilling bits from the drilling machines. They avoid the destruction of the tubes if they are used close to the clamp device or thread connection.

Extendable drilling systems


  • for deep holes, for instance for anchor holes for the reconstruction of old buildings, for securing churches, castles and other anchient buildings. For deep holes in foundations, etc…
  • Your advantage: DIECKMANN DIAMOND DRILLING BITS are fast, without vibrations, free of dust and accurate in dimension in many sizes.
  • Usage: wherever holes have to be drilled for the installation of heating systems and electrical devices, for ironworking, etc. For overground and underground workings, new buildings, interior works and for refurbishing.
  • As standard all tubes are available in usable lengths of 500 and 1000 mm. Other lengths on request.
  • Without special note on the order all bits are manufactured as diamond impregnated bits in standard version. Also diamond impregnated bits in mining version, surface set diamond bits, TSD bits and TC bits with TC pins or crushed TC are available.
  • Diamond impregnated bits are available in seven different matrixes. All bonds are free of cobalt.
  • Diamond impregnated bits in standard version are manufactured like thick kerf, ringsintered concrete bits type 8000, which means that they have a 9 mm impregnated diamond ring, 7 mm high waterways just in front of the ring and no further gage protection. The diamond concentration is C 35 and a fine diamond grit is used.
  • Diamond impregnated bits in mining version are manufactured like mining bits, which means that they are 6 mm impregnated. There diamond ring has a overall height of approx. 15 mm. The waterways are 9 mm high in front of the ring. The inner and outer gage also have waterways. The gage is made of a ultrahard matrix and is diamond and TC protected. The diamond concentration is C 50 and a course grit is used.
  • All bits are available for air flushing (dry drilling). In that case we recommend the use of our swivel for air flushing.


  • Extension tube, head and swivel for air flushing, as well as fitting bits (diamond impregnated in mining version, setted with TC pins, surface setted with diamonds)


  • For using this swivel heads with NW box thread are needed. The swivel has a 1-1/4″ UNC box thread as connection for the machine.


  • The design of these wrenches allows jointing and breaking of thin walled tubes and bits without risk of damage. These wrenches should be used in pairs.

Tools and equipment for mining / water well drilling

All a.m. tools are available for all core barrels in all sizes, no matter if the core barrels are DCDMA or ISO standard. Also tools for wireline core barrels are in our range. Non standard tools with non standard diameters or other unusual specifications are no problem for us. We are also able to produce tools for which we do not have drawings if you send us a drawing or a sample. Beside a.m. tools we also produce different additional drilling equipment such as spare parts for core barrels, single tube core barrels, double tube core barrels, triple tube core barrels, liner conversion kits for double tube core barrels, drill rods, wireline drill rods, casing tubes, hole openers, window mills, etc…

Surface set diamond mining bits

These tools have one layer of natural diamonds with an exposure of approx. one third of their diameter.

Different bit profiles, diamond qualities and diamond sizes are available. Also face discharge and TC reenforced waterways and bit bodies are available.


Bit profiles:

  • W-profile (semi flat profile)
  • BY-profile (full round profile)
  • S-profile (step profile)
  • P-profile (pilote profile)
  • M-profile (modified semi flat profile)
  • D-profile (double tapered profile)
  • E-profile (profile with long outer taper)
  • BN-profile (profile with short outer taper)
  • Konkave-profile (profile with inner taper)


Diamond qualities:

  • WAA1 (standard, F-quality, A)
  • SELECT (X-quality, AA)


Diamond sizes:

  • 6 stones per carat
  • 8 stones per carat
  • 10 stones per carat
  • 10/15 stones per carat
  • 15/20 stones per carat
  • 20/25 stones per carat
  • 30/40 stones per carat
  • 40/60 stones per carat
  • as well different sizes in between

Diamond impregnated mining bits

These tools have a metall coated, top quality synthetic diamond grit embedded in the erosion matrix which is adapted in hardness to the material to drill.

As standard three different impregnation heights are available: 4, 6 and 7.5 mm.

Two profiles are available. These are the flat profile and the V-profile with radial slots in front of the cutting area.

Standard is a diamond concentration C 50 (= 2.2 ct/cm³).


Matrix hardnesses:

  • SS (very soft, colour code yellow)
  • S (soft, colour code black)
  • SH (soft – medium hard, colour code green)
  • MH (medium hard, colour code gold)
  • MH/EH (medium hard – extra hard, colour code silver)
  • EH (extra hard, colour code blue)
  • EEH (super hard, colour code red)

Stratacut (PCD or PDC) mining bits

  • Stratacut bits are designed for maximum core recovery and penetration rates in soft to medium formations. They are particulary applicable in soft, sticky formations where performance of large stones diamond bits may be marginal. Stratacut non coring bits have best results in underground drilling. Stratacut tools can economically replace TC tools.
  • The stratacut cutters have a thin layer of polycristalline synthetic diamonds bonded on a tungsten carbide backing. They are embedded in a tungsten carbide matrix.

Synset (TSD) mining bits

  • Synset bits utilize a new type of thermally stable, selfsharpening, synthetic, polycrystalline diamond setted in a tungsten carbide matrix.
  • The synthetic diamond cutter is positioned for aggressive shearing and plowing action and maximum drilling live in medium to hard formations.

TC mining bits

  • TC bits have octagonal TC inserts which are fixed at an angle of 10° to form the cutting edges. The quality of the TC chosen has been especially developed for rotary drilling to give high wear resistance.
  • The TC inserts can be reground, thus high penetration rates can be maintained throughout the entire service life of each bit.
  • TC bits are normally used for coring in softer rock formations, for overburden drilling and for cleaning drill holes.
  • Another type of TC bits which are borit bits are also available. They are manufactured with crushed TC with a granular size of 3 – 6 mm, mixed with a special alloy.
  • Borit bits cause less vibrations, offer better core recovery than standard TC bits and allow to washover steel.

Reaming shells for mining

  • Reaming shells are necessary for most core barrels.
  • They can be blank. But mostly they are set with TC or diamonds. In that case they keep the accurate diameter of the hole and stabilize the core barrel.
  • Diamond set reaming shells are available as ring-type or spiral-type versions. Additional to all diamond qualities for bits also the diamond quality WAA2 (economy, D-quality) is available for reaming shells.

Tools for oil / gas drilling

Non coring bits and coring bits

  • We produce all types of non coring bits and coring bits including surface set diamond bits, diamond impregnated bits, stratacut (PCD/PDC) bits and synset (TSD) bits.
  • The maximum size for matrix body diamond drilling tools is 12-1/2″.
  • The maximum size for steel body diamond drilling tools is 17-1/2″.
  • Standard are coring bits for core barrels series 250 P 4-3/4″ x 2-5/8″ and 6-3/4″ x 4″.
  • Standard are non coring bits with API Reg. thread connection.
  • We also produce nonstandard tools on customers request.